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Rail-Mounted Terminal Blocks with IDC-Connection (FIT CLAMP)
A unique combination of connection technologies: WAGO rail-mounted terminal blocks with FIT CLAMP connection for the factory wiring and CAGE CLAMP® connection for the “field wiring“. Rail mounted terminal blocks with FIT CLAMP-connection, 290 series (IDC - insulation displacement connection). For conductor sizes ranging from 0.34 to a max. of 1.5 mm². Saves up to 33% wiring time when compared to the CAGE CLAMP®-connection. Easy to connect using a standard screw driver. The design of the 290 series terminal blocks and accessories are based on the 280 series (rail mounted terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP®-connection for up to 2.5mm²). Rail mounted terminal block with FIT CLAMP-connection has the same 5 mm width as the 280 series (with CAGE CLAMP®-connection):