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HARTING mCon 3000
The mCon 3000 Ethernet Switches are designed for an effective, industrial and individual use. Protection class, EMC and mechanical stability guarantee a reliable functionality in every application. The management software Version 2.0 has been designed for industrial use and provides professional networks solutions. The design of a continuous and convergent network is now possible.

The configuration and management of the mCon switches is made simply: either via SNMP tools, network management software or very easily via a web interface.
The mCon 3000 switch can be accessed and configured via a normal internet browser, without the need of any additional tools or browser plugins (Java etc.). The web management is password protected and comes with a range of access levels. An easy and intuitive tree menu allows the mCon 3000 family to be customized and adapted to a specific network.
A huge variety of management functionalities and features are integrated in the HARTING mCon switches, to provide the best possibilities and applicable benefit for the customer.

The mCon 3000 family will always be used in high level applications to provide a fully managed and adaptable Ethernet network for automation solutions. The customer has the possibility to configure and develop all applications on the basis of his requirements.