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HCR_Dresspack Cable management system developed especially to HANWHA Robots robots system. The system is easy to operate and protects cables and hoses against wear. Fits HCR-3 & HCR-5 and is available in different diameters depending on size of cables or hoses.

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• Built-in Swivel system eliminates load on hoses and cables =

  Increased life

• Easy and quick installation with HCR-Dresspack

• Easy modification of system


• Specially formulated polyamide 6 or polyamide 12,

• Free from halogens, REACH + RoHS compliant

• Temperature range: –40 C to +90 C


• Reduce wear to guidance and control elements

• Increase the degree of freedom of robotic installations

• Allow optimal layout of cables along moving elements

• Increase the lifetime of moving installations

• Allow quick and easy installation


HCR_Dresspack_2M à HCR-3, HCR-5
HCR_Dresspack_3M à HCR-12

What's in the box:

Conduit, holders, swivel and fitting.

Purchase Inquiry : ksyang@mec.co.kr
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